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"New Tomorrow", and Important Updates for this week

"New Tomorrow", and Important Updates for this week

I have to send my friend Aaron from Soldier Hugs a HUGE thank you for sending me the link to this article:

"New Tomorrow" has put together the most succinct and well documented history of the golden road and how we got to where we are now financially that I have ever read.  Sorry David, but this article even outstrips your "Financial Tyranny" articles.

Part 1 and 2 are complete and are very in depth with tons of links to supporting documents- a long read, but well well worth the time.

Part 1 can be read HERE

Part 2 can be read HERE

I will post a section of Part 2 that deals with our current situation in regards to the collateral accounts and the Gold bonds that are part of the Keenan suit, but first I want to give an update on several things I've spoken about in the past few weeks.

We've always known that those in the positions of being decision makers and power movers have been liberally spraying smoke screens and at times spreading outright lies to keep people off balance and confused.  The implementation of the new financial system and the release of the World Global Settlements and various other funds, and the Global Currency Revaluation has been kept under the heaviest blanket of secrecy imaginable and they don't want to give anyone the ability to "KNOW" when it's all going to happen.  In the past week we've had this lesson driven home as we've realized that several of those whom we thought were working with us, were in fact withholding vital information.

Regardless of the questionable sources, our own personal sources have confirmation of very vital information.  We are extremely excited about our current situation and where we all stand.

The prosperity packages are rolling out very very quickly right now- and we are looking for a magic number to trigger the event we are waiting for.

The World Global Settlements have been launched and that money is already on it's way around the world.

The Wanta Reagan Mitterrand Protocol/Funds have been released.

The Soekarno funds are Not part of the WGS and have not yet been released.

I'm currently working confirmation that mortgages in the US are being paid off and trying to get clarification of which program/funds are involved.

"Casper's" latest report  was a huge pile of disinfo and lies. I've suspected that he's is a disinformation specialist for a while, and this report absolutely confirms it.  A few facts mixed with a whole lot of bull crap.

The Federal Reserve is NOT printing more money.   They have not printed money since 2009, and haven't printed even a single bill to replace the old and tattered bills since 2010.  You can't print anything if you don't have printing presses or paper. QE3 is not what it seems nor what is being reported in the media.

Kerry from Project Camelot posted THIS yesterday:

I am being told there are at least 3 confirmations of something going on off the coast of San Francisco, involving US Navy Ships and an unknown number of Chinese vessels.  I am being told this involves the arrest of possibly around 600 bankers.. who may be being held in a US ship... under arrest by the Hague.  The arrests are being carried out by the U.S. military.At this time, regardless of the fact that i have more data I am being asked by at least one source not to go into any more detail than that.  Apparently there are a number of operations going on at this time.At least one source has suggested that this may actually be a cover operation for something more far reaching.

 This week I had two separate sources pass me this information as well.

Regardless of the people out there bashing Drake and his messages, the arrests are taking place- quietly- and as soon as a certain financial event takes place, we will hear much more on this topic.

I know that the vast majority of people are unwilling, or incapable, of believing in something they can't see or hear in the media.  It takes a leap of faith to put your hope on something unseen...
...but that's where we are at right now.  I can tell you some of what I know is happening, the rest is a leap that is a combination of faith, hope, and following your inner voice that deep inside tells you that change is here.


President Eddie Soekarno, the Amanah, the Book of Maklumat, and the Indonesian connection
As more information continues to come forth regarding the parameters of this extraordinary lawsuit and its ramifications on the freeing up of the global economy, the pieces of the puzzle are slowly beginning to fit together. 

As stated previously, in exchange for the gold which was surrendered by the Kuomintang government and the Dragon Family, bonds were issued in both 1928 as well as 1934 by the Federal Reserve Bank.  An additional series of bonds were issued in 1968.  These were known as 'Kennedy Bonds'.  The issuance of these bonds provides a key link back to the aforementioned Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, signed by president John F. Kennedy.  According to the lawsuit,

"The Kennedy Bonds represent a series of notes printed for the purpose of creating a settlement fund for the gold and other precious metals transferred to the United States under the terms of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement (GHMA), November 11, 1963 which was executed by, among others, President John F. Kennedy and President Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia, who had previously been entrusted with the care of the gold."

Yet another series of bonds were issued in 1998 as part of the Dragon Families attempts to collect interest on previously issued bonds.  In each instance of bond issuance, the obligations for payment were never met by the Federal Reserve nor by the Bank for International Settlements.  According to the wording of the Keenan federal lawsuit, in a statement made by Akihiko Yamaguchi, a "Signatory of the Dragon Family", and the same gentleman mentioned previously as being a part of the Chiasso incident,

"We, the Dragon Family, requested some interest to the U.S. Government on 1998...And, we have received the Kennedy Bonds, issued in 1998, as one of the interest payments from the U.S. Government.  I recognize as my position that the Kennedy Bonds were issued by the U.S. Government as the interest only for the Dragon Family."

According to the wording of the lien against the Federal Reserve bank, 

"The gold was acquired through a time when gold coin and gold bullion could not be privately owned and had to be surrendered to the State.  The States combined the bullion into a single central deposit (the BIS) whereby all countries would have equitable access.  The gold is actually owned by the Governments through their Ministry of Finance.  In 1948, under U.N. Resolution MISA 81704, Operation Heavy Freedom, President Soekarno was appointed as M1 (Monetary Controller) and the entire centralized system was put under his disposal as Trustee.  It is deposited into the system by a group of Trustees appointed by Soekarno.  These trustees formed an association of Trustees now known as the Amanah, otherwise known as the Mandates.  The Mandates have assigned their authority over the accounts to Neil F. Keenan and Keith F. Scott."

What can be gleaned from this is that this entire cache of gold has been passed between trustees (Soekarno - The Amanah - Neil Keenan) since at least the late 1940's.  The way in which the rightful owners of this gold, the Dragon family and other Asian societies, have kept track of their deposits is through something known as the The Book of Maklumat or The Book of Codes.  According to Benjamin Fulford, in an article posted on the 8th of November, 2011, just weeks before the Keenan lawsuit was filed (viewable HERE), 

"This is a book that details the historical ownership of much of the world’s gold by a group of Asian royal families. They also have copies of the original cash certificates and evidence of how this money was transferred to the custodianship of the Government of the United States for the use on behalf of the international community."

The following short audio clip from David Wilcock (HERE) explains in very simple terms the entire history of everything that you have read previously.   

     What is also coming to light is the fact that vast swaths of gold remain buried throughout the nation of Indonesia, perhaps even far more than was buried in the Philippines by Japan during Operation Golden Lily.  Whether or not this is gold that was put on deposit through the BIS and the Federal Reserve or if it is in fact part of a vast network of treasure which was buried and kept secret by the Asian royal families is as yet unknown.  It has also been brought to the attention of this writer that large amounts of gold are buried within Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia.  Once again, it is not quite certain as to whether or not this gold has been 'put on deposit' or whether it has been kept a closely guarded secret.  It also bears noting that according to the wording of the Keenan Federal lawsuit, the total value of the bonds granted to the Dragon family over the course of the past eighty years stretches into the "many thousands of trillions of United States Dollars." 

Pictures of Southeast Asian gold vaults provided to this writer by Drake Bailey via Neil Keenan

Gold vault in Thailand

One final thing bears noting in regards to this lawsuit and these liens.  According to personal testimony from some of the principals involved, this writer understands that there are several different financial packages that are currently on the table in regards to what exactly will take place once these funds are released, and once the cabalist structure is removed from power.  As mentioned previously, this is a world-wide effort involving more than 140 nations.  Part of the discussion involves the funding of a plethora of ground-breaking new technologies which are currently in operation and have been very carefully suppressed for at least one hundred years.  As we shall see in Part III of this research report, these new technologies have the potential to usher the world into a new golden age by providing cheap and limitless new sources of energy that will bring the world out of poverty, clean up all toxicity (air, land and sea), provide nutritious food and clean water to every person on earth, and lead us into a new dawn of deep space travel.

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Suluk Walangsungsang


Suluk Walangsungsang

Daréngékeun! Dia nu di beulah wétan, masing nyaraho: Kajayaan milu jeung dia! Nya turunan dia nu engkéna bakal maréntah ka dulur jeung ka batur. Tapi masing nyaraho, arinyana bakal kamalinaan. Engkéna bakal aya babalesna. Jig geura narindak!


Masuk salah satu kesejarahan sastra jawa di perkuliahan Sejarah Sastra Jawa di Jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra Jawa Universitas Negeri Semarang

Duplikat Karya :

sejarah sastra jawa



Suluk ini dihadiahkan untuk mengenang perjalanan Pangeran Walangsungsang putera Prabu Siliwangi yang kemudian bergelar Mbah Kuwu Cirebon Girang

oleh : MK Dilaga

Segala tuju asalnya dari Impian
Begitupula aku impikan Jeng Muhammad
Mengajarkan sempurnanya sahadat
Dan sungguh aku terbuai dalam impian
Ketika terbangun Islam hanyalah berupa mutiara didasar laut
Maka aku pun terhanyut dalam lamunan kerinduan

Tak pernah selain Muhammad,
Nurnya cahaya semesta
Ku kira Betara
Atau ini hanya fata-morgana.

Gusti yang widi
Penguasa Muhammad yang diridhoi
Kalaulah Islam hakiki
Jadikanlah aku abdi.

Kemana harus kucari kebenaran sejati?

Akupun tanggalkan pakaian kebesaran,
Hingga telanjanglah aku dari segala kemewahan
Tapi sungguh itu belumlah cukup untuk menemukan
Karena aku harus mencari lautan yang menyimpan kekayaan
Dimanakah letak lautan hakiki?

akupun berjalan mencari guru sejati
Yang menunjukan lautan dan mengajar menyelami diri

Bayang-banyang cadar kemolekan
Membawa diri tertuju jalan kerinduan
Rindu adalah asal dari cinta
Maka inilah asmara

Kepergian moga laksana isra
Dari satu sungai menuju samudra
Atau dari pulau ke benua
Tekad adalah baja

Bila hanya diam membisu
Lalu hidup tak ada tuju
Maka semua kan berlalu
beku tetap sembilu

Biar ku tinggalkan istana...

Sampailah aku di gunung maarapi
Tempat Resi Danuarsih
Berujarlah sang Resi:
Islam itu ada tapi tiada
Ada karena mimpimu adalah ilham dari-Nya
Tiada karena kau harus menemukan adanya”

Diamlah di gunung maarapi
Dan makanlah buah-buahan untuk menguatkan
Dan ku serahkan padamu ladang untuk bercocok tanam
Cangkul, tanam dan pergauli dengan sempurna”

Di gunung Marapi terhenti kaki
Memusatkan ruh indrawi pada satu Dzati
Terdiam membisu dalam hening malam
Menyatu pikiran dalam bayangan wajah Tuhan

Kemewahan dunia akan Morgana
bila kita melihat Djalal-Nya
Hanya satu Dzat yang hakiki
saat cinta-Nya menyapa diri

Naps ini moga bukan api
Pabila api ambilah hanya pelita
pelita akan tetap membara
Inilah yang dimaksud Mutmainah

Gunung Marapi
Menjadi paku bumi
Dan aku terpaku
Di dalam samadi

Diamnya naps adalah Ibadah
Semoga dapat Iradah

Aku berujar kepada Sang Resi:
Bapak Resi, kini telah bertambah kekuatanku
Telah kau berikan pusaka sebagai pendamping di perjalanan
Maka hamba mohon diri untuk mencari

Sampailah aku digunung (se)jati
Sumber dari kayu Jati
Lalu ku daki inci demi inci
Terjatuh, terbangun, terjatuh, terbangun
karena tekad sampailah dipuncak gunung
Lalu terlihat sebuah gua dipuncaknya
Dan ku dapatkan seberkas cahaya disana

Berkatalah cahaya:
“Aku adalah Nur Jati
Aku adalah guru sejati,
Siapa yang mengenal aku maka lapang jalannya
Engkau telah datang ketempat yang benar
Marilah akan ku tunjukan jalan menuju Islam

Untuk dapat menjadi Islam
Harus mengetahui siapa Tuhan dan siapa Muhammad

La Illaha Illallah, Muhammadur Rasullullah
Pertama mengenai Tuhanmu Allah yang menciptakan jagat raya serta isinya
Kedua mengenai Muhammad sebagai utusan yang menjadi panutan
Dan keduanya telah setunggal dalam rasa

Nur Muhammad hakekatnya adalah cahaya semesta;
Karena mulanya semesta itu gelap, lalu diciptalah cahaya

Begitupula Nabi Muhammad, ia adalah cahayanya semesta
Karena kedatangannya jaman kegelapan berganti benderang

Dirimupun demikian,
kalau kau sudah dapat menemukan Muhammad dalam dirimu,
maka akan nampaklah Nurbuatmu
dan engkau akan menjadi Insan Kamil,
sempurna karena engkau telah menemukan Muhammad,
Siapa yang mengenal Muhammad maka mengenal Tuhannya.
Kamu dan Tuhan telah setunggal dalam rasa.

Mengenai mutiara yang kau cari,
Hendaklah kau selami kedalam lautan hati 
sumber : Suluk Walangsungsang

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80 Kerajaan dan Lembaga Adat Se-Indonesia Ikut Musyawarah Kerajaan

80 Kerajaan dan Lembaga Adat Se-Indonesia Ikut Musyawarah Kerajaan

PESERTA berbincang bersama pada acara Saresehan Sejarah Kerajaan dan Kesultanan Nusantara di Gedung Merdeka Jln. Asia Afrika, Kota Bandung, Minggu (9/12). Acara yang bertujuan menjalin persahabatan dan silaturahmi seluruh nusantara itu dihadiri sejumlah perwakilan dari berbagai kerajaan-kerajaan di daerah.*

BANDUNG, (PRLM).- Sebanyak 80 kerajaan dan lembaga adat Se-Indonesia mengadakan musyawarah agung dan sarasehan di Gedung Merdeka Bandung, Jalan Asia Afrika, Minggu (9/12/12). Musyawarah dan sarasehan diadakan dengan maksud untuk melestarikan nilai-nilai budaya serta membangun komitmen bersama dalam program pemeliharaan dan pengembangan budaya antardaerah.
"Acara ini terselenggara oleh Forum Silaturahmi Keraton Nusantara (FKSN) dengan difasilitasi Yayasan Pamanah Rasa Nusantara yang merupakan majelis musyawarah persaudaraan keraton, kesultanan dan lembaga adat nusantara Jawa Barat (Jabar),"ucap RA Ikke Dewi Sartika selaku Ketua Panitia musyawarah agung dan sarasehan saat ditemui di Gedung Merdeka. Menurutnya, dari 156 kerajaan anggota FKSN hanya 80 kerajaan yang hadir dalam musyawarah agung dan sarasehan tersebut.
"Yang hadir bukan hanya dari Indonesia saja, tetapi juga ada yang berasal dari luar negeri. Seperti kerajaan Selangor dan Brunei Darusalam. Mereka berstatus sebagai tamu saja,"ucap Ika. Sementara beberapa kerajaan daerah di Indonesia yang hadir adalah Gowa, Bali, Bone, Sinjai serta Yogyakarta. Dia mengatakan,yang hadir bukan hanya raja, tetapi juga perwakilannya baik keluarga kerajaan maupun lembaga adat.
Acara dimulai sejak Sabtu (8/12) dengan rangkaian acara sarasehan, Prosesi musyawarah agung serta pembacaan hasil musyawarah serta penutupan dengan pembacaan rajah penutup pada Minggu (9/11). Kendati rangkaian acara berjalan lancar, Ikka mengeluhkan tak adanya alokasi dana dari Pemerintah Kota Bandung dan Pemerinta Provinsi Jabar untuk berlangsungnya acara."Tidak ada bantuan dari APBD, kami mengadakan acara secara swadaya bersama anggota,"katanya.
Ke depan, Ikka menyatakan, tindak lanjut dari musyawarah dan sarasehan adalah pemembuatan buku terkait keraton kesultanan dan lembaga adat Nusantara serta komitmen bersama untuk mengusung Konferensi Asia Afrika Royal Meeting mengenai pemuliaan budaya daerah. Dari pemantauan, para peserta dari berbagai kerajaan tampak menggunakan pakaian adat masing-masing daerah. Mereka saling bersalaman serta berfoto bersama seusai penutupan acara. (A-201/A-26).***

sumber :


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Sultan Sepuh XIV Pangeran Raja Arief Natadiningrat :

"Kami berharap, negara ini tidak melupakan sejarah. Dulu sebelum kemerdekaan Bung Karno meminta dukungan keraton untuk bisa membuat NKRI terwujud, karena saat itu tak ada dana untuk mendirikan negara. Saat itu keraton-keraton menyerahkan harta yang mereka punya untuk kemerdekaan negara ini,"